Saturday, July 12, 2014

It's time for a vacation

Well after a laid back time on vacation, or shall I say a somewhat stressful time on a trip, and now I need a vacation (that's a whole other story)...let's just say I'm finally back home and ready to get to work again. 

The vacation that I went on was quite an adventure with many new eye-opening experiences that I will be talking about in my next few posts.

One stop on my vacation was Washington D.C. Of course you know it's our country's capital where amazing history has been made and such an important place to learn about our Founding Fathers. Washington D.C is packed with many things to see and do. Of course there's the White House, Capitol Building, Library of Congress, famous presidential memorials, and the AWESOME Smithsonian museums. I especially enjoyed the Smithsonian American Art Museum. After a day of walking and sightseeing, hunger becomes big issue. Sure you can go to a McDonalds or Chipolte but why not try something different? So I definitely took a chance on a new restaurant that I've never been to called Shake Shack. You might find this restaurant in your state but if you don't I would recommend trying it if you're down for a good burger and fries (keep in mind that vacation is a time for a little calorie splurging).

Shake Shack burger and cheese fries. Let's just say it was worth it.

After a long and packed day you'll definitely be craving dessert too. And when in Washington D.C there's no place better to go than to head to Georgetown (in the Washington D.C area) and try the famous Georgetown Cupcakes! Let me give you a little background information on this dessert shop. Georgetown Cupcakes is owned by two sisters who have their own TV show called D.C Cupcakes (if you're interested it's on TLC). It's an entertaining show to watch about the two sisters having to take on some difficult orders for special events. Sometimes they have to create designs out of cupcakes and sometimes they run into a problem with the baking. They always figure out a way to succeed in their orders and all their customers are extremely happy with the cupcakes. I have enjoyed watching the show so much and it was so amazing to actually get to taste their creations! They have many different cupcake flavors and they are always iced and decorated so nicely. The cupcakes are almost too good to eat (of course I couldn't hold back though). Anyways, the point is if you're in D.C, take a trip to Georgetown Cupcakes! They have the usual flavors: red velvet, vanilla, chocolate. They also make other amazing flavors like key lime, cookies and cream, mocha fudge, chocolate ganache and much more!!

Georgetown Cupcakes
They disappeared quickly!
I'd say the trip was pretty successful.

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