Friday, July 11, 2014

three things I'm wearing this summer.....

....besides big t-shirts and comfy shorts.

I don't claim to be a fashion expert, especially since I wore flare jeans with uggs in eighth grade. In general eighth grade wasn't a great year. I took mirror selfies, I rolled my school skirt so it looked like I was from the cast of Mean Girls, I was the member of a "club" who all wore lacrosse socks, and I cried at our eighth grade dance when "Wild Ones" came on, because it made me think of a guy I liked ( I'm pretty sure I had no idea what that song was about at the time). It was rough.

Anyways enough of Theresa: The Middle School Fiasco, let's talk about summer clothes.

1. Overalls. If you know me, this wont surprise you at all. I think that a majority of my tweets are about overalls. I wear them ALL the time. It's an unhealthy obsession. I know lots of people think they aren't cute, but they totally can be. I'll write a whole post on it later, because I think everyone should be educated on how to properly wear overalls.
Clearly modeling isn't my thing

You get the idea though. Overalls are the bomb.

Here are a few options I've found: Target overalls, Wet Seal Aztec Overalls, Etsy.  Thrift Shops are really the way to go for these, because you can cut them to the length you want and make them your own.

2. J.Crew Chino Shorts. My oldest sister is about the same size as me, and I would say more than half my closet is hand me downs from her. She's the one who got me started on these shorts. I now own five pairs and continue to haunt the J.Crew sale section, waiting for more colors to go on sale. They can easily be dressed up which means I get away with wearing them to a lot of places where I couldn't get away with denim shorts.
My collection
Here are the two different inseam lengths that I love: 3 inch, 4 inch

3. Brown Sandals. They are just so versatile and brown pretty much goes with everything, so they are such an easy go to.
Specifically this pair from Target.
They are actually INCREDIBLY comfortable.
(please excuse my ratchet toes)
I also bought this pair from Target for $5.06.
(My feet look so white. Maybe I'm a vampire?)
   I don't know why they were marked down that low in the store, but I snatched them up, because who doesn't need some (tasteful) glitter in their lives. 

Here are three other options under $35 that I'm loving from Nordstrom 'Sofia' by Sam Edelman, 'Daffodil' DV by Dolce Vita, 'Andra' DV8 by Dolce Vita


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