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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

it's the thought that counts

Recently a group of my friends and I have been exchanging fun personalized gifts on birthdays. I love this idea so much and thought I would share a few of my favorite personalized gifts with y'all. Even if you aren't super creative, you can still definitely make these. 

Slideshows- My sweet friends made me a slideshow with tons of pictures and some of my favorite songs one year. I still have it, and it may be my favorite thing I've ever received as a gift. I loved that they put the time into making it, and that they included so many precious memories. These can be really easy to put together with iMovie or the Windows equivalent. They don't even have to be long. Just use one song, some pictures (and videos), and some cute captions. If you want to get super creative, you can burn it on to a DVD and could even make a cute label for the front of the case.

Scrapbooks- No need to feel like you have to be super creative with this. 
You just need a few supplies:
- Pictures (I would use at least twenty)
- A cute note book ( I used this one)
-Some fun pens (I used my gold Sharpie)
- Washi tape ( here's so

Initial Collage- With the monogram craze, this is the perfect gift. Pick out your friend's first initial, first and last initials, or all three. You can buy wooden letters, or just cut them out of cardboard or poster board. You're going to need glue modge podge would work even better. Print out some of your favorite photos of y'all and fit them to the letter. I added some washi tape because I am currently obsessed with it. To finish it off grab some cute ribbon and attach it to the back. 

I made this for my friend Teresa. I promise I'm not making it up; she really exists.
Photo frames- This may seem like a duh, but it really shouldn't be overlooked. Find your favorite picture of the two of you, and a cute frame and you are good to go. You can just buy a cute frame or buy a plain wooden one and decorate it.