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Monday, June 23, 2014

slim and trim

Fit for the summer....and the rest of your life? We all would like that to happen. I'm sure many of you are trying to figure out a way to juggle both the delicious but fattening sweets while carefully watching every little calorie. Well it is possible to do both!

There are many different  healthy lifestyles that you can lead for the rest of your life. Those monthly military diets may work for however long you plan on going through with the infamous process; but let's face it, once you've finished the challenge there's a good chance that you'll go right back to the regretted food choices.

There are mainly two parts that are vital to leading a healthy lifestyle while enjoying those treats. One is figuring out what workout is best for you. When I say "best for you" I mean a workout that you are willing to do at least a few times each week and one that you won't give up on. Maybe cardio is your thing, or you would rather stick to yoga. Whatever the choice, make sure you're comfortable with your decision.  Of course you also need to choose how many times a week you plan on doing the workout; but whatever you choose, be sure to make it a habit.

Second is your diet. Every meal should include a protein, carbohydrates, and fruits or vegetables. You should also have the correct portions of food on your plate. Half of your plate should have either fruits, vegetables, or both, and the other half should be divided equally into protein and carbs. Now as for dessert...what would life be without that rich chocolate cake? Definitely bland. Eating a sugary treat every night though is not advised. Moderation is key!

Now if these two tips are followed, you are liable to stay fit your entire life.